Essay on Ancient Egypt And Greek Civilization

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Egyptian’s and Greek’s both believed in demi-gods, they were taught that Egyptian kings and Greek hero’s were children of gods, who had impregnated human women. These two civilizations held their deities in such high regard, that they built massive temples to worship their divinities. According to Willis, Greece memorialized Zeus with a “42 foot statute” and there is the impressive Acropolis in Athens, which illustrates perfectly the level of reverence Greek society had for their gods. Ancient Egypt built the colossal Giza pyramids which the Britannica Encyclopedia states that the “Great Pyramid it is the largest of the three, the length of each side at the base averaging 755.75 feet,” and then there is the majestic Luxor Temple with its massive statutes of Ramus II.
Additionally, Egypt and Greece put great emphases on education and has influenced academic community worldwide. Ancient Egypt was the hub for education, and for the few select that were permitted to participate as an initiate in the mystery systems. Ancient Greece was the center of philosophy and theater. Theaters were built to commemorate the god Dionysus. They were massive, alfresco style edifices built on the inclines of hills. During a performance, actors wore costumes, masks and often used props. Because the structure was so massive, performances were extremely exaggerated so the audience could interpret what the actors were trying to convey.
Comparisons of Greek and Egyptian gods and goddess:…

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