Ancient Egypt And Ancient Mesopotamia Essay

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Ancient Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia were two of the world’s earliest city-based civilizations. They were strong forces to contend with, and each built thriving empires that lasted for thousands of years. Even though they may have faced difficult or destructive times, they had lasting and influential effects on the rest of history world. They both formed the foundation for Middle Eastern and Western history, and established examples for other future river valley civilizations. However, despite these comparisons, ancient Egypt stands out in contrast to ancient Mesopotamia in regards to its architecture. Egyptian architecture reigns superior to Mesopotamian architecture because of the extensive amount of structures, the intricate and highly developed technology, and their ability to withstand time and last for centuries afterward.
Just as in the same way the Tigris and Euphrates rivers shaped the worldview of early Mesopotamians, the Nile shaped the worldview of the Egyptians, including their building design. The Nile was regular and benign, as it flooded at the same, precise time, leaving behind nutrient-rich soil for planting. This made for one of the safest and richest agricultural areas in the world, and the Egyptians were able to easily irrigate their crops through a process known as basin irrigation. Since the Nile provided so much food and resources in a convenient and easy way, the ancient Egyptians had more time for other impressive projects, such the construction of…

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