Ancient Coins Guide : The Antique Store Essay

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Uncleaned Ancient Coins Guide - The Antique Store - Joshua Lee

[ Figure 1:1 ]


1 Pin
Some olive oil
Purified Water
Lots of time and patience
Magnifying glass
Good lighting source [ Natural light works best ]

Notes before reading

Please read the sections below first before a cleaning attempt is started:

Bronze Disease
I have doubts about cleaning. I may damage it.

Method ­

1] Place coins on a flat surface with good lighting. I prefer natural light.

2] Sort out coins, which ones already look good enough. Not all coins need cleaning. Some of them already are in a VF [ Very Fine ] condition. But below the dirt, there are many damages and flaws, rust, corrosion,no patina and so on. The dirt and soil at the right places make a "desert patina", desirable to different collectors.

3] The coins that you insist on cleaning, or are terrible enough, soak them in olive oil for a day or less.

4] After soaking for a determined time, removed the coins from the oil, and rinse it gently with soap.

5] Make sure that the olive oil is not doing damage to the coins. Some of them have weak patinas that crack when placing them in water or oil.

6] Gently scrape the surface of the coin with the pin, rotating it in a circular motion, white powder would start appearing on the surface that is usual. Be careful around the letters, face, and any details on the coin.

7] If it makes some success, continue cleaning the entire coin.


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