Essay about Ancient Civilizations Of Mesopotamia, Egypt, And China

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During the course of the earth’s history societies have changed from its primitive ways to more civilized ways. The world in which we live today is sculpted by the ancient civilizations that once flourished on their own land. If it was not for them who knows in what ways we would be living in now. The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China were all different from each other, but at the same time they all shared certain characteristics. Religion was a very important aspect for each of these civilizations. Every society had different rituals, beliefs, and deities; but they also shared some common religious beliefs. Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China were all polytheistic societies, but their beliefs and worldviews were different. Since Mesopotamia is one of the earliest civilization, they did not have evidence of scientific phenomena the only things they could rely on were ancient myths. These myths explained why and how things happened. They made the gods known, explained some of the catastrophes and bad things that would come upon the people. They would praise the good gods for protection from the evil gods and for wellbeing. Mesopotamians left a couple of big structures, ziggurats, as their temples to praise their gods and bring offerings. They believed the good gods fought the evil gods to protect them and that nature and other physical things had souls. The writing Enuma Elish explains how the world was created according to Mesopotamians. The epic taken place…

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