Essay on Ancient Civilizations Of Mesopotamia, Egypt And Anatolia

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Hence, the Mesopotamian stamped the clay token on a flat clay tablet. The advantages of this method were it was easier to count the tokens and can be served as evidence of purchase, which w2. How, when and why did writing arise in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Anatolia, and how was this process similar and different in these three regions?

The writings left by ancient civilisations allowed archaeologists to discover the history and linguists to learn ancient languages. However, the writings used in the past, and still used now, were a communication method between people and cities. The Rosetta Stone, Bisutun Inscription and Amarna tablets are examples of thousands of writings found from historical site. The fact that illiterate rate is high among people in ancient civilisations demonstrated the value of writings and why the texts were written. For the purpose of this essay, development of writing in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Anatolia will be described and compared between each other.
Around 7th millennium BCE, people started to domesticate foods rather than hunting animals and gathering plant. The social transformation led to the introduction of agriculture and created a need to keep track on numbers of harvests to be used or to be stored. The food stored will be distributed later during drought or winter. Administrations and officials take the responsibility to manage the distribution of food so that the well-being of society can be maintained. The production of surplus from the…

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