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When studying Ancient Babylonia it is notably important to look at these factors: daily life, religion, people, society, government and economy so we can determine the development of the civilization and how it is similar to the way we live today. The Babylonian Empire is unique because their government was run by a law known as the Code of Hammurabi similarly are government is run by numerous laws. Their knowledge of science and astrology is intriguing due to the fact that they were the first

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This describes perfectly what the Ancient Babylonian civilization was like, they depended on doctors and herbal medicine just as we do today. One of the more fascinating things that Canada and Ancient Babylonia have in common is the use of the medical text. The texts that were used are identical to how we use them today they basically had two kinds: descriptions of symptoms and lists of remedies. Prescriptions were made from milk, snake skin, turtle shell, cassia, thyme, date, fig and fir. The same way we use the resources that are available to us to find remedies is the same way the Babylonians used what was grown around them to find remedies. Babylonians had two types of medical practitioners, they were called the asipu (whose cures were said to be magical) and the asu (whose cure were basically medical). The asipu used incantations/ other magical practices and the asu or exorcist sometimes used drugs. The Babylonians had little knowledge about surgery so the only surgical procedure allowed by a surgeon was setting broken bones. The Code of Hammurabi indicates that the punishment for surgical mistakes was mutilation and even death. This is similar to are standards today because if a surgeon operates on you and makes any mistakes we can sew or he/she will have to spend so time in prison.

Babylonians knowledge of Zoology, Botanic, Mineralogy, map mating made them an advanced
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