Ancient Architecture Of The Egyptian Empire Essay

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From the reign of King Gilgamesh, to the rise and fall of the Egyptian empire, and the ancient Aegean civilizations, there have been an abundance of artifacts and structures discovered that have been uniquely influenced by the great quantity of differences between the many cultures and leaders, whom have altered the numerous techniques that continued to influence later civilizations. Ancient architecture was often created for places of worship for religious idols; however, there have been many great leaders that dwelled in divine palaces as well. Powerful leaders were often times buried in great structures for their afterlife, to be remembered as a powerful figure in history. There are many reasons as to why architecture is put where it is, and for what its purpose was, but there are large quantities of different kinds of the same structures influenced by different cultures and civilizations. The architecture of the Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Aegean cultures clash and mix in many instances. All these cultures have the same necessities, such as burial grounds and worship structures. There are also copious reasons for their choices in locations.
In the Middle East, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, there is a fertile land in which the first civilizations, the Mesopotamians, developed on that land, which is also known as the Fertile Crescent, it’s where the first structures of architecture developed. The Mesopotamians, or more specifically the Sumerians, were among the…

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