Anatomy Of The Auschwitz Death Camp Essay

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On April 16, 1947, Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoss –the Kommandant of the famous Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp- was hung for “crimes committed against the Polish people,” (Paskuly 17). Before this, he testified about what exactly happened at Auschwitz which according to editor Yisrael Gutman of the book Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp, was key to prosecuting many Nazi’s after the war. Yisrael said, “The critical importance of the Hoss testimony stems not just from Hoss 's unique knowledge of the details and overall picture of the camp. His testimony is crucial mainly because Hoss answers the question not only of who carried out the mass murders, but also when and how, who ordered the conversion of Auschwitz into a death camp, and who backed this order with the necessary authority.” (Yisrael 24). The interesting question that stems from Rudolf Hoss’ testimony is why exactly he went along with the extermination of Jews at Auschwitz. Any person would think that a rational individual would never go along with something such as the extermination of millions of people. This begs the following questions. Why did he go along with it? And when he was finally arrested, did he feel guilt for the actions he had committed? Hoss himself said during his interrogation in the primary source that “In view of all these doubts which I had, the only one and decisive argument was the strict order and the reason given for it by the Reichsführer Himmler …” (Stackleberg and Winkle 375). Based on…

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