Anatomy Of Murder And The Trial Essay

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Anatomy of Murder
The film Anatomy of Murder depicts the criminal trial process. It gives an almost accurate account of how a trial process is. In the film there are a few exceptions to the depiction of the trial but it did a great job with how it showed the trial process. This paper will analyze the pretrial and trial proceedings depicted in the film.
Pre trial
First, are the pretrial proceedings that went on in the movie? In the film it had shown the accused already taken into custody. There was not a booking shown of the accused in the movie. The arrest that was alluded to in the film did have probable cause because the accused had shot a man. In the text the initial appearance is “… a defendant before a magistrate is a formal proceedings during which a magistrate or other judicial official advises the defendant of the charges” (Champion, Hartley &Rabe 147).There was an initial appearance for the accused which the judge had discussed the charges against him and also the defendants plea. Usually at this time if they do not have any type of counsel to represent them the judge would appoint an attorney for them, but the accused in this particular case had already sought out counsel and had an attorney. At this time the date was set for trial. There were some other things that were not depicted in the movie as part of the pretrial process such as bail or any discussion of bail, but it can be assumed due to the nature of the offense and the accused can be a possible flight…

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