Anatomy Of A Revolution Analysis

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Anatomy of a Revolution is a book by Crane Brinton. In this book, Brinton introduced four major political revolutions including the English Revolution which called the English Civil War (1642-1651), the American Revolution which also called the Revolutionary War or the War of Independence (1775-1783), the French Revolution (1789-1799), and the 1917 Russian Revolution. Brinton analysis the revolution’s life-cycle and process.This book has been called “classic”, "famous", and a "watershed in the study of the revolution" which has a significant influence on history. Brinton says, while "we must not expect our revolutions to be identical" (p. 226), three of the four (the English, French and Russian) began "in hope and moderation", reached "a crisis …show more content…
Brinton uses French Revolution as a model to analyze the revolution’s progress. The First Phase of French Revolution (1789-1791) is in the Moderate phase, the Tennis Court Oath, the Storming of the Bastille took, the Declaration of the Rights of Man, and the nationalization of the clergy occurred during this phase of the French Revolution. The Second phase of the French Revolution (1792-1794) is in the Radical Phase, which Radicals gain control of National Assembly becoming the National Convention, the Monarchy is abolished, Louis XVI's execution marks the start of this phase of the French Revolution, Committee of Public Safety is created, Reign of Terror occurs, and the Execution of Robespierre marks the end of this phase of the French Revolution. The third phase of the French Revolution (July 27th,1794) is in the Thermidorian Reaction which people opposed the excesses of the Reign of Terror.The name of this stage of the French Revolution refers to the "month of heat" on the French Revolutionary Calendar (27 July 1794) when Robespierre was executed, and it was triggered by a vote of the Committee of Public Safety to execute Robespierre and several other leading members of the Terror(Health

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