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Howard Hughes Medical Institute
2011 Holiday Lectures on Science

Skeletons Reveal Human and Chimpanzee Evolution
Student Worksheet
About This Worksheet
This worksheet complements the Click and Learn “Skeletons Reveal
Human and Chimpanzee Evolution” developed in conjunction with the 2011 Holiday Lectures on Science, “Bones, Stones, and Genes:
The Origin of Modern Humans”.
Author: Mark Eberhard, St. Clair High School

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Click the arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen to proceed to Slide 2 and begin the Click and
1. What is a phylogenetic tree used to illustrate? __________________________________________________
A phylogenetic tree is used to
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_______________________________________________________________________________________ looking for the other pieces.
They mark the excavation site with the
10. What is the point of marking the excavation site with small yellow flags? ____________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________ small yellow flags so they maintain their positon, the base of the yellow flag is the "horizon" or where the fossil is actually
found at.
11. Why did the excavation site for Ardi need to remain wet? ________________________________________
The excavation site needs to remain wet so the clay doesn't
expand or contract (flood bank sediments).

Skeletons Reveal Human and Chimpanzee

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Proceed to Slide 14. Click each of the anatomical structures to compare Ardi’s teeth, pelvis, and feet with those of chimpanzees and humans.
12. List the key features of each structure in the table below .
Anatomical Structure



-canine is the largest & sharpest tooth in the jaw.
-males have larger canines than females. -males show their canines to compete with other males for social status
& for

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