Anatomy and Physiology 2 Study Guide Essay

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The following are examples of frequently missed questions from the unit exams. The questions are similar in theme to the ones missed however were taken from blackboard and are not exactly worded like the exam questions. They are meant to act as a study guide only. Please do not have the misconception that these questions will be the exact questions on the final.
What you should do is to use these questions as a guide and to research not only why the answer is correct but also why the other answers are not correct. Once you have an understanding of the concept you will be able to answer any question on the topic.

| |The adrenal cortex secretes angiotensin II.
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|a. |development of eggs; sperm production |

|b. |development of eggs; secretion of testosterone |

|c. |ovulation; sperm production |

|D |ovulation; secretion of testosterone |

|e. |corpus luteum formation; sperm production |
| |Most hemophilia is due to a hereditary lack of factor VIII. |

| |The enzyme that converts fibrinogen to fibrin is |

|A |thrombin. |

|b. |prothrombin. |

|c. |fibrinolysin. |

|d. |thromboplastin. |

|e. |thrombolysin. |
| |Which of the following ions serves as a cofactor in blood clotting? |

|A |Ca2+ |

|b. |Na+ |

|c. |Fe2+ |

|d. |Fe3+ |

|e. |Mg2+ |
|. |___ is a bile pigment formed by the breakdown of hemoglobin from expired erythrocytes. |

|a. |Apoferritin |

|b. |Transferrin |

|c. |Heme |

|d. |HbF |


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