Analyzing The Symbols Of Young Goodman Brown Essay

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Analyzing the Symbols in Young Goodman Brown
As seen in “Young Goodman Brown”, an ambiguous story leads to many interpretations. Although there are countless interpretations involving this famous story, I will be comparing my interpretation to three others. Through careful analysis of the text, I have come to suggest that the story is symbolic of the daily challenges to one’s faith. Through Goodman Brown’s perspective, the audience may see the parallels of his struggles to fight the temptation of sin to their own struggles. This perspective will be compared to a semiotic view of the story, a comparison of the story to carnivalesque freedom, and a psychoanalytical approach. Not one interpretation can be confirmed nor disconfirmed due to the sheer inconclusiveness of the story, but through the process of analysis, rather than concluding on a certain interpretation, the audience will gain a greater understanding of the story. To begin, I will introduce my perspective of “Young Goodman Brown” by addressing the key symbols as they appear within the story. By addressing each symbol chronologically, one can view how each relates to the inevitable struggles one faces throughout his or her life. The first symbol identified in the tale is Goodman Brown’s wife, Faith. Both Faith and Goodman Browns’ names are symbolic. For example, the title “Goodman” refers to, as the name implies, a respectable man; on the other hand, Faith may refer to the strong religious faith Goodman Brown has…

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