Analyzing the Shawshank Redemption Essay

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Analyzing Shawshank Redemption
Crystal Gayle Frapp
January 31, 2014

Analyzing Shawshank Redemption
The film that will be analyzed and discussed is the Shawshank Redemption, which was Director by Frank Darabont and is a Story by Stephen King. It is based in 1946, a man named Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is convicted of killing his wife and her lover, and him going to prison and dealing with the struggles of prison life as a truly innocent man. . “He's sentenced to a life term at the Shawshank State Prison in Maine, where another lifer, Ellis Red Redding (Morgan Freeman), picks him as the new recruit most likely to crack under the pressure. The ugly realities of prison life are quickly introduced to Andy: a corrupt warden (Bob Gunton),
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For Acting we will discuss who the actors are in the film, what kinds of actors are present, how the actors convey the story’s meaning and how much of the actors performances can be attributed to the director. For Cinematography we will be discuss the different types of colors that were used. If they used any special effects and what types of lighting were used during this film. The editing portion of this paper we will discuss how the shots and the scenes arrange into acts and what kinds of transitions are used. For sound we will discuss the three different types of sound which are dialogue, sound effects, and music. Which kind was used in this film, as well as whose dialogue is heard in the film. In style and directing the key points that will be discussed are if the director shows technical competence and interior meaning and if the director’s point of view was evident. For Impact we will go over if the film made you feel like you were escaping your own life, as well as were there any scene’s that were censored. For genre we will go over which category of genre the film fits closest in and why. For analyzing this film the question to be discussed is “What approaches to analysis seem most appropriate to use when analyzing the film? (formalist, contextualist, structuralist, auteurist, realist, generic)?” (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs, 2011 Ch. 10).
The narrative structure of the Shawshank Redemption is told from a third person point of view. The

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