Analyzing The Information Gathered From Three Meetings With A Family Member

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When illness or disease strikes an individual, it’s not only them but also their family who are impacted. When a family member gets ill, other members of the family are faced with the reality of having to alter their own lifestyles in order to take on the role of supporting that individual. Usually the individual is faced with new challenges, such as having to learn new coping strategies and working through the emotions they possibly have never felt. It sets them and their support system on a new journey filled with ups and downs, while possibly bringing them closer together. Throughout this paper I will be analyzing the information gathered from three meetings with a family member who experiences a chronic disorder as well as speaking with her daughter. I will explore her journey through adolescents to middle adulthood in which she is in now, and delve into her struggles, coping strategies, family impacts, and resources that she turned to for relief.
There are many ways to categorize illness and disease; one common category is chronic illness, disorder or disease. Chronicity can be defined as a “condition of being long lasting or of showing little or slow progress” (Venes, 2013, p.485). Thus, chronic disorders are often complex and experienced in uniquely different ways depending on the individual with it (Lubkin & Larsen, 2006). The stage of development that the individual is in can impact their coping abilities, independence, as well as influence the decisions…

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