Analyzing The Genome For Animals And Plants Essay

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Genes are in all living things. They are coded instructions which decide how an organism will look and how that organism will function. Genes are made up of deoxyribonucleic acid which is DNA, they are a long, thread like molecule which contains the organism 's blueprint.

DNA is found in the majority of cell. In animals and plants DNA are bundled together into chromosomes. In every cell of an organism is the entire DNA blueprint for that particular organism.

The complete set of genes for an organism is called the genome. The genome for animals and plants has been estimated to be between 25000 to 50000 genes.

Genes are the things which carry the instructions for making proteins. Proteins and the things proteins make are what all living things are made up of. Proteins can be structural parts of an organism like keratin in nails and hair for example or they can be other types of molecules like fat, fibre, oil or starch which are used by the organism.

Genes work as coded templates which are used to make proteins. When the gene is activated it is transcribed into messenger ribonucleic acid or mRNA. This moves for the cells nucleus into the cells body, where many copies of a protein can then be made. These proteins can be involved in all of the aspects of life in that particular cell.

Gene technology is the term which is given to activities which are concerned with understanding the expression, modifying genes, transferring genes to new hosts and taking advantage of natural…

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