Analyzing The Features Of Effective Business Management Essay

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Outcomes Assessment Students learn about Students learn to
Syllabus outcomes
The learner is able to demonstrate knowledge and skills to analyze the features of effective business management

The learner is able to identify and research viable management strategy changes and explore them and related issues through the development of enhanced approaches

The learner is able to demonstrate and effectively apply contemporary knowledge and skills to fulfill a variety of management roles

Lesson assessment
The teacher will assign learners in different groups four different questions to discuss and present.

Design a simple concept map of management approaches that employ effective features

A written match test, and discussion task submitted for evaluation. Analyse a real business management strategy and present a short report.
Communication, organization, setting goals, response to change, flexibility.

Management strategies that enhance application of managerial skills in business.

Implementing learnt management features and skills in the contemporary business situations.
Case study: to identify how the features learnt are applied in a real business situation and roles.
Effectively apply management knowledge and skills in the contemporary business environment.

Effectively identify and create management strategies that can improve management efficiency and productivity

Effectively apply management features in…

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