Analyzing The Essential, Step By Step, And Internet Marketing, By Pamela Vaughan

1118 Words Sep 28th, 2015 null Page
In order to better your skills it is important to constantly learn and improve to be the best at your craft. Online marketing for businesses is an important skill to have in this age of social media. If done correctly online marketing can benefit the growth of a company and ultimately connect more to more consumers and improve profits. There are five articles that give great insight to producing the best online market for major companies and small businesses. In the article “The Essential, Step-By-Step Guide to Internet Marketing” by Pamela Vaughan, Vaughan discusses important steps to achieve at internet marketing. One step that I will remember for future reference is the optimization of your website. There are five ways to optimize your website and that includes having, page titles, Meta descriptions, headings, images, and URL structure. Also this step mentions the importance of mobile optimization. In this age of new technology almost everyone has a phone with internet, so access to these websites on mobile phone is convenient. Another step that is useful for online marketing is the importance of content. The author states that, “Content is the fuel that should drive your internet marketing strategy” (Vaughan), content can determine the success or failure of a website. I learned that the content should always be consistent, interesting, and informative. The last step that is important for marketing on the internet is the importance of social media. Using social media…

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