Analyzing The Competent Judges Argument Essay

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In the paper I am going to analyze the competent judges argument. First I am going to explain what hedonism is then I am going to explain what the satisfied pig objection is and demonstrate both views on it from Bentham and Mills perspective. I will then talk about why I agree with Mill and his view on humans striving for a higher pleasure. Overall Mill’s explanation of hedonism is superior to Bentham’s because it provides a reason for humans constantly seeking greater happiness and thus humans constantly improving as a species.

First I will start off with defining what hedonism is. Hedonism is an ethical theory that states that in order to have a good life it must be filled with pleasure and avoid having pain.(Shipley 's slide) The goodness of a life is measured on how much pleasure it contains. (Shipley 's slide) If we believe that getting as much pleasure as possible equals a happy life then pleasure would include everything from something safe to something dangerous. This is because most people believe that hedonists believe the way to achieve the highest amount of pleasure is to get as much as you can but this is a common misconception. For example if a person likes to eat ice cream and that brings them pleasure then they would eat it every day to follow the hedonists beliefs. But if they were to eat ice cream every day then it would cause them to have harmful health effects. So just because hedonism says you should get as much pleasure as you…

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