Analyzing The Article ' Uncovering Assumptions And What Are Assumptions As They Guided Our Thinking And Behavior?

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Introduction In order to develop strategies in my academic, co-curricular, work and personal life, I will be reading eight articles about communicating, diversity, money, health and my next step in life. By reading these articles I will be able to improve in each category and learn about new key concepts.

Chapter seven, Uncovering assumptions, page 242 The article “Uncovering assumptions” talks about how to determine what are assumptions as they guided our thinking and behaviour. Firstly, these are often unconscious and are invisible and powerful assumptions. Assumptions intend to drive out attitudes and actions. Lastly, assumptions also create conflict, which leads to arguments on the level of opinions. When looking for assumptions you use these three steps to test the validity of any viewpoint. Uncovering assumptions allows you to determine what is actually a statement or what is a assumption. This will benefit me in my academic life and personal life because I will be able to better understand what is being said instead of assuming what is not real.

Chapter seven, Gaining skill at decision-making, page 244 This article talks about gaining skills that help you make decisions effectively. Firstly, you need to recognize the decision and find specific lead to focus on a action. Establish priorities and clarifying values. Also, act on your decision and evaluate your decision. Lastly, using think choices, which help you, kill all the other options in order to make…

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