Analyzing The Appendixes A, B, C And D From Week 5 Essay

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Summary Three
I chose to summarize the Appendixes A, B, C and D from week 5. Each of these appendixes discuss various programs and includes websites that provide training and information on a wide array of topics generally focused on intelligence led policing. The resources found in Appendixes A, B, C and D are useful law enforcement officers, training coordinators and policy makers. In this paper I will briefly summarize the 4 appendixes giving examples of the programs highlighted in each one.
Appendix A provides resources on information sharing and technology. One of the resources provided is the International Association of Chiefs of Police or the IACP. The IACP focuses its efforts on supporting commanders when it regards intelligence. The training that is provided through the website includes topics like organized crime, undercover operations, informant management and analysis and report writing.
Another program under appendix A is the Regional Information Sharing Systems or RISS. RISS is made up of 6 regional intelligence centers and offers information exchange, secure communications and other services to law enforcement. RISS serves over 7100 law enforcement agencies and is a federally funded program focused on the sharing of information at a level that is secure and reliable (Peterson).
Appendix B discusses where intelligence products comes from. There are several sources listed in the appendix but to name a few:
-Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives…

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