Analyzing The Account Of Beyonce 's Impact On The Communication Of Popular Culture And Identity

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There are two perspectives that can be used to examine the account of Beyonce’s impact on the communication of popular culture and identity. Those two perspectives that we learned in class are that popular culture is a site of hegemonic struggle and wildly favored by population. These two perspectives help to give a better understanding of how to examine both the account of Beyonce’s performance, as well as the performance itself. The first perspective, a site of hegemonic struggle, is meaning that the creator of this culture is a position of authority. While Beyonce is not in a traditional position of authority, she is still a powerful force in the world of popular culture and Hollywood. Therefore, her impact on the popular culture world is very strong because whether you are a fan of her or not, you will hear about her current shenanigans. There is a reason that people consider Beyonce to be Queen B. If someone has that kind of title with people, even ones that aren’t her biggest fans, that means something. The second perspective is the idea of the popular culture being wildly favored by the population. While at a the CMA’s, the political climate tends to lean more towards the right, Beyonce’s population of followers and her husband’s followers however lean way towards the left. This is the same for the current fans of Dixie Chicks, most likely leaning towards the left after they started to make their political statements. While not every fan that listens to either…

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