Analyzing The 4 Part Still Image Series That Portrays The News Clippings And That Transitions Into The Final Design

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Peer Review - Joan

The version of this assignment that I will analyze is the 4-part still image series that portrays the news clippings and that transitions into the final design. I will refer to this as a singular image, since it is the best representation of the animated GIF version. The GIF adds a significant thematic element by contrasting the news clippings with the design and deserves to be represented.

I will begin by addressing the problematic elements of this image, the areas where improvements can be made in order to better convey the author’s argument and deliver a more significant visual impact. I am starting this critique on a low note because there are more effective elements than not, and those elements will be the main focus for the critique. I do not want to give the impression that the image is in anyway ineffective or of low quality, but there are a few elements present in the image that detract from the more positive aspects.

Firstly, there is a clear disconnect between the photos used in the image and their original meanings. The left hand photo, because of how it is placed within the silhouette, is difficult to comprehend. When I first saw the image, I could not tell what the photo was, even though it is a well-known photo. The silhouette itself is also difficult to recognize; I would not have recognized it as a memorial for the fallen if it was not explains--even though I am familiar with such memorials.

The right-hand photo appears to be of two…

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