Analyzing Research On National Poverty Alleviation Program Essay

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Analysing research on National Poverty Alleviation Program (Samurdhi Development Program) of Sri Lanka
The aim of this paper is to critically examine and assess the attempts of two research studies in collecting evidence for the same development problem. Poverty is selected to study as the contemporary development issue in Sri Lanka and particularly poverty alleviations interventions of the government will be examined in this paper. However as mentioned the trust of this analysis will be limited to evaluating the methodological approaches of the studies.
Poverty and social safety net programs obviously have a close relationship. Social safety net (SSN) providing programs play vital role in reducing poverty, however implementing those involve financial and non-financial cost in real grounds.
This study examines the role of social safety net programs in alleviating poverty by reviewing the National Poverty Alleviation program Samurdhi (SDP).
The paper will review two researches with relation to the focused development problem of poverty and critically assess the research methodology /methods involved in the research with reference to the literature wherever possible. Two research studies were selected with different approaches for this purpose. One is ‘An empirical evaluation of Samurdhi Program’ by Elena Glinskaya (Glinskaya, 2000) of the World Bank. The other is ‘The Significance of Capital Assets in Moving out of Poverty, a case study of Sri Lanka by Chandika…

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