Analyzing Personal Conflict Management Style Essay

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This paper will explain and critique conflict management style. It will describe at least three conflict management styles, which conflict management style do I personally use most frequently and why I do. It will also describe the difficulties I have dealt with others who use different conflict management styles then me. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each conflict management style. Finally I will describe conflict avoidance and its interrelationship with conflict management.
The first of four conflict styles I will discuss is “avoidance.” When some people use or prefer this type of conflict management style, he or she tries to ignore any conflict or disagreement that may either concern them directly or indirectly.
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It can turn a relationship into one of hostility and resentment, by one or more of the people involved.
Also another conflict management style that I will discuss is “competition”. When thinking of conflict management styles competition is not something that instantly comes to mind, possibly because most people think of competition in sports, and relationships, to name a few. The use of competition in conflict is more a power struggle, to gain power. It is a “win/lose” style and can cause such great problems when a person uses this as a way to handle conflicts.
The final of the conflict styles I will discuss is compromise. Compromising style is when a two or more people try and find a middle ground for the better for all involved. It isn’t always a 50% - 50% compromise but is usually close to it. Compromise is a give and take type of relationship. While technically no one “wins” from compromise, all parties involved can walk away happy with compromise.
The type of conflict management style I often find myself using is compromise. I am not sure when or why this became my conflict management. I think that when I was younger and unmarried I was fine with a good fight, and okay with the lack of resolution that came with the constant drama and conflicts. Now that I am older and wiser I no longer enjoy drama, conflict or even an occasional fight to get the blood flowing. I think I chose compromise as a way to avoid as much

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