Analyzing My Students ' Prior Instruction And Background Knowledge

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A 4. Describe your students’ prior instruction and background knowledge and how those factors will influence your planning and/or instruction for the lesson you will submit.
What do students need to know before they engage in this lesson? Include, as well, what do children know, what can they do and what are they learning to do related to language and literacy development? Students are familiar with chicks, butterflies, and frogs, and most have seen these animals before. However, most students do not have any prior knowledge on life cycles. Teacher will use a book and a video to help her teach this concept. Both the book and the video will support language and literacy development through reading, speaking, listening, and discussions. It will also support science through its content.
A 5. Describe and explain characteristics of your students that will affect your lesson planning and how those characteristics (e.g., number of IEP’s, ELL’s, diverse learning needs; economic, social, cultural, linguistic, family, and community factors; social/emotional/cognitive/physical/ language development for communication developmental levels and interests) will influence your planning and/or instruction for the lesson to be submitted. This will be an introductory lesson on chick life cycle. Therefore, no prior knowledge of chick life cycle is necessary. As this will be a very simple and basic lesson, it should reach all students, at every level. There will be a new vocabulary…

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