Essay on Analyzing My Memories And Deciphering My Thoughts

850 Words Sep 26th, 2016 4 Pages
I have spent countless hours in counseling sessions. Discussing the past and current events of my life. Analyzing my memories and deciphering my thoughts. Trying to understand how my thought processes came into being. Although I appreciate the different perspectives my therapists have shown me. The largest leaps I have made were throughout my own contemplations with the help of what is known as the Free Association method used in Psychoanalysis. Free writing has truly given me the means to alter my course in the odyssey we call life.
I cannot recall the words that came to me as I first attempted to write using the free association method. However, I can recall the first time the idea was introduced to me and the first time I began to write. It was in my Introduction to Psychology course. I was nineteen at the time and really did not know why I was in college. I was told that I had to go to attend a good job, so I enrolled and Intro to Psychology was my first course. It was like any other day in class. A well-lit room with thirty or so desks lined up with a professor at the head lecturing over today’s material. That particular day we were going over the different types of therapies and how each can be beneficial to different types of psychoses. The professor began to tell us about a man named Sigmund Freud and about his work with Psychoanalysis. She spoke about how many of his theories were controversial at the time of his work. However, when she spoke about his methods of…

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