Analyzing My Different Pieces Of Writing Essay

1948 Words Sep 26th, 2016 8 Pages
Analyzing my different pieces of writing has given me insight to the kind of writer I am and how I convey my message to my audience. I will analyze three different examples of writings that I have done in the past; formal, semi-formal, and informal writings. The informal writing is an email I wrote to a new friend in England. The semi-formal writing was given to me in a communications class and was a response to a prompt by the teacher. The formal writing is an essay from an English class in high school about two assigned readings. I hope to go into more depth while analyzing my writings about my how my tone differs from different genre to genre. I will analyze how, as a writer, I try to bring emotion to my writings for my audience. I will go more into depth about how I choose to show explanations and background information and if it is affective or not. And lastly, I will analyze how my grammar, organization, and process affects my writings. At the end of my analyzation, my audience will find that I am careful and try to take certain chances in my writing, yet there are many other opportunities and skills I have yet to develop in the future.
Before this paper, I never really realized the different tones in my writing. I just assumed I wrote what came to mind. But then as I took a closer look, I realized that that was exactly the case. In general, I am a pretty person optimistic and positive person. I found that more often than not I bring that part of myself into my…

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