Analyzing Kinship On A Cross Cultural Context Essay

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Analyzing Kinship in a Cross Cultural Context
In the Western world, there are common ideologies on what is considered a “normal” family. The idea of the Nuclear family with one mom and one dad raising their own kids is still considered to be the ideal family. However, in many societies, such as the Nandi people in Kenya and the Andean people in Ayacucho Peru, kinship is more important than biology. In Toronto, social organizations still only cater to the Western ideologies of who is best to raise children. In this paper, I am going to argue that organizations such as Fathers Making a Difference and Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere do not cater to any other family structure; they only romanticize on biological parents as the ideal way to raise children. The organization Fathers Making a Difference (FMAD) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to strengthen father-child relationships (Fathers Making a Difference, 2015). According to the organization’s website, FMAD is determined to bring public awareness on the importance of a father-child relationship (Fathers Making a Difference, 2015). FMAD focus is to understand the role of a father in the entire family unit, and recognize that the role of a father is an important role to the entire family unit (Fathers Making a Difference, 2015). According to this organization, a father excels when a mother understands the importance of his role in the home; and a mother must respect his position and the father must…

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