Analyzing If Leonardo Da Vinci 's Aerial Screw Essay

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Analyze if Leonardo Da Vinci’s Aerial Screw was effective to the evolution of the helicopter?

Identification of Sources
Source #1
This article is published on the US Centennial of Flight Commission, a valuable education and research website dedicated to show original and useful content for researchers about aeronautics. It was written by Judy Rumerman, an accomplished writer and author for many books about aeronautics. She has lots of experience with writing about the history of NASA and flying just in general. In this report, Judy Ruderman goes through the history of the helicopter and pays close attention to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Aerial Screw. She created this article to educate the reader so they can have a better understanding on the history of helicopters and where the originated from. This information is valuable to this investigation because it tells the crucial role the aerial screw played in the makes of a modern day helicopter. However it’s not biased and it just gives the information, it doesn’t persuade the audience in anyway. This information does not give a date it was published, so they might not have much information on the helicopter in the 21st century. Also the this isn’t a primary resource and the places they get information from isn’t a primary resource too.
Source #2
This research is published on a website solely dedicated to the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci, and it shows valued information about the aerial screw. Though the paper is a secondary…

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