Analyzing Giovanni Arnolfini And His Bride Essay example

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My initial thoughts on my discussions when I read them is that I had quite a few misspelled words. Some of the art pieces we analyzed and discussed were a little more difficult to understand and it is blatantly obvious in my discussions. A lot of them are shorter than others. For example, Module 2: Introduction to Flanders seemed to be shorter in length than any other of my other discussions up until that point. I struggled to find the words to analyze Giovanni Arnolfini and his Bride. My discussions before this one consisted of nearly 200 words and my discussion for this particular analyzation of this piece barley had 100 words. Another one of these discussions I struggled to make 100 words for was Module 2: From Flanders to Florence. I think Module 2 itself caught me off guard. Other discussions I had no problem responding to include; both of Module 1 discussions and all of the Module 4 discussions.
My comments have been vague so far, but I feel like everyone’s comments are. Although they are mostly vague, they seem to have gotten longer for some discussions. I think my interest in some of the topics reflected the comments. I hardly ever asked any questions to keep a conversation going. I simply stated my opinion of the comment and kept going. My understanding of the art work progressed throughout the discussions. I actually became more interested in learning about these art pieces. During the first few modules, I felt like I always did the discussions and responded in a…

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