Analyzing Cultural Relevance Of Instruction Essay example

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Analyzing Cultural Relevance in Instruction
Wardle (2013) summarized the significant features of a culturally relevant teacher. This assignment uses this information as a guide to apply the knowledge of culturally relevant pedagogy toward specific solutions to problems facing a teacher with a very diverse student population. This assignment offers excellent practice over the application of culturally relevant principles in the design of effective instructional solutions.
In the video, Jeff Bliss a high school student is asked to leave the class because he assumingly is disruptive (Jeff Bliss Video. 2013, May). This is something that I have observed happen in many schools on multiple occasions. Watching the video you can only hear and see Jeff. You can hear the teacher repeatedly asking Jeff to leave. The other students are silent and clearly ignoring him. The teacher is not confronting Jeff, and not even moving from her desk, while everyone else in the class is seemingly nearly comatose, just watching the happenings (Jeff Bliss Video. 2013, May).
The problem from Jeff Bliss’s perspective
Jeff, I can here, has many complaints. He is complaining that the teacher is not using the right teaching method. From Jeff’s perspective, the class is boring, the teacher is not teaching well, is boring and does not make the class lively. He says that the teacher talks about her paycheck, and that she asks the students to only read packets rather than teach them well. The video sounds…

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