Analyzing Casino-Money Handling Process Essay

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Explanatory report is written.

Investigation by hard count supervisor. Explanatory report is written.

Var > (+ 2)


Var > $1000

Var > (+ 2)


Var > $1000

How long should this process take to complete for 300 silver dollar slot machines? Assume that each slot machine has an average of $750 when emptied.


Number of slot machines = 300 = Number of buckets

Number of coins per machine = 750

Therefore, Total coins = 750 x 300 = 225,000

i. Testing Weigh Scale = 10 minutes

ii. Weighing & Recording Process

* 7 minutes/bucket

* Therefore, for 300 buckets, time taken to complete process = 2,100 minutes

iii. Coin wrapping machine

* 25 coins are wrapped in each roll

* Therefore, there are 9000 rolls for 225,000 coins

* Wrapping takes place at the rate of 10 rolls per minute

* Therefore, time taken to wrap all the coins = 900 minutes

iv. Filling & Stacking [Canning]

* 40 rolls in 5 minutes

* Hence, 9000 rolls will take (45,000)/40 minutes = 1125 minutes

v. Weigh & Wrap verification report

* Time taken = 5 minutes

vi. Manual
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