Analyzing Breaking Bad News On Parents Essay

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We discussed breaking bad news to parents in our feedback session where we talked about how important it is for doctors to be able to break bad news, and that it is a vital skill to have. In my opinion, the conversation with the parents will be to say that there is little hope for survival and no hope for survival without serious handicap in this child as I’ve highlighted above, and that the resuscitation should be abandoned.
The process of therapeutic hypothermia involves the baby being cooled to a temperature between 33 to 34°C, from 6 hours and continued until 72 hours after birth. The initial hypothermia is then followed by slow rewarming at 0.5°C per hour. Hypothermia significantly reduces mortality by reducing metabolic needs, damaging processes and inflammatory responses and neurological deficits in survivors.8
̶ Postnatal causes: Cerebral trauma, congenital abnormalities, immaturity.2

Birth asphyxia may produce hypoxia with secondary metabolic acidosis and depletion of glycogen stores. The degree of injury on the neonate depends on the severity and duration of the asphyxia as well as gestational age and birth-weight. The stress may cause the baby to pass meconium prior to delivery, increasing the risk of MSL which I’ve covered in a previous learning objective.4

In our case scenario, we are told that the baby established regular respiration and that he was extubated at 12 hours. When the baby is born with asphyxiation problems and MSL, oxygen must be given either…

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