Analyzing Bauman 's Concept Of A Consumer Society Essay

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When comparing information presented in “ ref social science book ) ..... It can be claimed that the rise of affluence in a consumer society can be linked to the creation of both more waste and more recycling. This essay will first define Bauman’s concept of a consumer society, before examining the statistical data presented by The Office of National Statistics and Defra to evidence a rise in affluence and the correlation between higher living standards and the creation of both more waste and greater recycling .It will then conclude by looking at the role that behavioural economics has played in the reduction of waste ,looking particularly at the nudge theory and evidencing this as a factor in the increase of recycling. During the 1970’s and 80’s social scientists began to look at the UK as a post industrial society ,following the decline of more traditional industry and a shift in the job market towards service sector jobs. (1) .Bauman (2) claims that this shift lead to what he considers to be a consumer society, one which offers a different set of choices and constraints ,He defines a consumer society as one in which people are categorised not by what they do, but the things that they are able to, and chose to consume, a society in which, greater choice and flexibility are offered to those able to consume effectively.
Bauman claims that this new form of society opened up the availability to consume to a much wider demographic, and those with steady incomes, access…

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