Analyzing Arguments And Through The Utilization Of By Techniques

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The information in Chapter nine discussed researching arguments, and through the utilization of By the techniques mentioned in this chapter, critical writers, readers, and thinkers can better enhance their writing and analyze other pieces of text.
Critical readers can benefit greatly from the topics in Chapter nine. Firstly, this chapter discusses how to choose a topic and locate resources. Critical writers often struggle with having to find evidences for their topics and narrowing them down precisely in order to create an effective argument. Even though there is an influx of information constantly flowing into the internet, it can be quite difficult to research a specific topic that requires a lot more scholarly study. Goshgarian provides writers with an interesting trick to make this easier: “To make keyword searching more efficient, you can combine two or more search terms… This is called Boolean searching” (257). By using Boolean searching, when finding books or scholarly articles as evidences, writers can quickly and effectively find accurate evidences for their relevant and specific topic. The author mentions this type of search, but also dedicates a significant section on MLA and APA writing styles. The various methods in accurately documenting evidences assists writers in conveying their messages in a precise manner. In using these widely accepted styles, writers are more legitimate and the audience will be able to confirm the sources and will be more convinced…

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