Essay Analyzing And Reporting Qualitative Research

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Chapter Ten
Analyzing and Reporting Qualitative Research Qualitative data analysis has it is own nature which is different than the quantitative data. Qualitative and quantitative data are different in the process of both the analysis and interpretation. Mostly qualitative data is textual the goal of which is to deeply understand the relationships rather than just explaining. Qualitative data analysis is iterative and involves member checking asking experienced informants to assure the accuracy of the data collected, unlike the quantitative data analysis which is mainly led by the researcher. Also, qualitative data analysis is inductive which means that the elements of the reports are defined according to the data collected and not vice versa. One strength point in the quantitative data analysis is the use of negative case analysis which means searching for cases that would contradict the findings of the existing qualitative research. The process of analyzing qualitative data includes data reduction, data display and conclusion making. Data reduction includes categorizing the data collected and coding the data that share similarity. This is because the data collected from qualitative research can be wide. After identifying categories, researchers do compare between the differences and similarities between the information. Development of the theory includes integration and axial coding. Integration means moving from categorizing to theory development while…

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