Analyzing and Interpreting Data. Essay

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Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Jeremy Bellows, Belinda Cooley, Rachael Hartman, Autumn Lettieri,
Pilar Williams, Abby Wilson
March 11, 2013
Dr. James Gartside

Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Ballard Integrated Management, Inc., provides support services in the field of housekeeping, maintenance, and food services to a variety of corporations. BIMS has a vast list of clientele which include 22 “Fortune 100” businesses. These businesses include midsized firms, major universities, medical centers, and large regional airports. BIMS employs more than 452 full and part-time people, made up of both hourly and exempt staff.
BIMS has been experiencing difficulties with a higher than normal turn-over rate of 64% at one of
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The second survey was scrutinized by upper management, revised numerous times, received approval from an ad-hoc committee made up of general craft employees who were on medical leave. This process would allow for proof reading for rewording and more descriptive answers to questions that would better lead to a solution.
The second change in the process is to whom the survey would be administered. Over a period of two or three months the survey was instead administered to exiting employees. This process change resulted in 75% to 80% response rate.
The survey population is better equipped to answer the exact reason they are leaving the company and the larger response percentage allows for more accurate data. As a result of these implemented changes to the survey, part two was a better balanced survey that resulted in data that can put the company in a more proactive position.

As management reviewed the survey results they discovered that the first and second survey had some similar results. The majority of the responses came from the same group of employees. With this revelation it became clear to management that the turn-overs are a direct result of the food services and housekeeping departments at DMC. BIMS employees responded via the survey that they felt negatively about the training they received, their current pay scale, the

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