Essay on Analyzing and Improving Test Using Statistics

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Analyzing and Improving a Test Using Statistics
Maurice Isaiah McCall

Hypothetical Psychology Test
This hypothetical psychology test consisted of five test questions. These test items and questions were not unambiguous and there were no evidence of instructions or explanations given for either test question. In our text it was mentioned there were several steps the admitter need to take before administering, analyzing and improving a test or assessment. There was no evidence these test questions were constructed and that it matched any objective. However the guidelines for packaging the test states [items need to be in a similar format, grouped together, test items need to be arranged from easy to hardest, have
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I will discuss the functions and effectiveness of the hypothetical psychology test to understand the analyzation and the order for the test. In this paper I will calculate the mean score for each question, mean score for the entire test and a graph that represents the scores for each question in the form of mathematics and measurements that represent the outcomes on a visible scale.
The report is broken down by the number of students and how each student scores on their test.
The students test scores were broken down my each question one at a time. Each test item yielded two points each based on the student answers being right or wrong. According to the text book when creating test it was suggested that you allow yourself plenty of time to write, review and correct any miskeyed items.
The Mean Score for Each Question:
Kubiszyn & Borich, states the means has three characteristic that is measured for the central tendency most frequently used are means, median and mode (p 280). In this report the letter (M) will represent the means for this report. For this report I am using the arithmetic mean by adding the numbers and dividing the sum by the number in the data listed below in the charts. The first question provided had five questions each of the questions had a total based upon ten students.
Question one had a total of 18
Question two had a total of 14
Question three had a total of 2

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