Analyzing And Comparing Features Of Child Language Essay

2098 Words Nov 29th, 2016 9 Pages
Analysing and comparing features of child language, using transcripts from a child with normal language and a child with a speech impairment

Child language is not dominated by one particular theory but instead explained and explored through a variant of theories, all of which delve into different ideologies on language acquisition. In this essay, I will traverse over relevant theories that can help to better understand the differences of a child with normal language compared to a child with a speech language impairment (SLI). Both children use the same linguistic features in their speech, however, throughout this essay I will explore whether some features are more dominant because the child has a speech impairment or if the features are dominant due to the development of child language and their age.
The three areas of speech I will be analysing will be the morphology of both of the children, exploring the forms of lexemes they use through morpheme construct. The second area I will look at is syntax and the way, in which the children not only form sentences but also, the lexeme combinations they use to form sentences. Lastly, I am going to analyse the phonological features of both children, seeing how the children…

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