Analyze the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Global Brand Name

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Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using a global brand name

Nowadays the global market is quite attractive for high competition environment. In order to be visible in global market, brands can be used to play an important role. From marketing point of view, brands are the means that consumers use to distinguish products and services based on essential and non-essential attributes and they are a source of business’s differential advantage.
When the company exports a product label, it has the choice between using: specific brands in each market (local brands), or a single brand for all its foreign markets (global brand).
The decision between these two
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This consistency of supply is particularly important to maintain "multinational" consumer’s loyalty. There is a new type of customer who is highly mobile, has privilege to access other markets through the development of transportation (planes), new information technologies and communication (TV, Internet, newspapers) that requires products that have a standardized performance from one market to another. The company must ensure exported products may be purchased and consumed by these "multi-national" consumers and have to take into account their needs; hence, having a global brand name can be a strategy of standardization.
For example Apple is a global brand name, which has the same image all over the world. It is what we call a strong brand. Or, Campbell produces a large range of different soups to meet the local tastes but those soups are sold under the Campbell brand. The “Big Mac”, one the most famous sandwich in the world, does not have the same recipe in France and in Britain; Mc Donald’s uses a global brand name even if the company adapts its products for each local market. * The international awareness of products is enhanced and accelerated ;
This is particularly true insofar as tourism and Internet media are developing and are becoming more and more important.
With a global brand name, a company affirms its awareness across the world. For example the brand Sprite, which is part of the Coca Cola company, is still considered as an other

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