Analytical Review Of ' The Fosters ' Essay

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Analytical Review of The Fosters The definition of family is constantly changing. There are many different types of families. People can observe different portrayal of what is family through many different outlets such as watching TV shows like The Fosters. In chapter one from, Introduction to Diversity in Canada 's Families: Variations in Forms, Definitions, and Theories by Patrizia Albanese, Vanier Institute of the Family states that the meaning of family is “… any combination of two or more persons who are bound together over times by ties of mutual consent, birth, and/or adoption or placement and who together, assume responsibilities for variant combinations…” (9). This quote spectacles that the Fosters’ in the show The Fosters fit into modern day meaning of family. The Fosters are connected by birth, adoption, and placement of foster children. The main theme of The Fosters is how one family resists all stereotypical meaning of family and how that being a different kind of family does not take away their family life. They like to eat supper together and talk about their day, and they like to support their family by attending extra curricular activities competitions. In the first episode of The Fosters, the audience is introduced to an upper middle class family. Lena and Steff are a lesbian couple that never legally married. Lena is a vice principal at Anchor Beach School, whereas Steff is a member of the police force. As the show progresses, it is later revealed…

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