Analytical Essay: Aaron The Mountain Of Strength

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Aaron the Mountain of Strength
He was the son of Amram & Jochebed, but he was most known for being the eldest brother of the Egyptian prince, Moses. Aaron was a powerful speaker; his name rightly fit him as a mountain of strength, or teacher in some interpretations; Aaron was both. Even though Moses got the credit for freeing the Hebrews from bondage, Aaron was actually the spokesman during the rescue of God’s chosen people. Aaron was a godly man who became a high priest but like all, faltered and fell short of the glory of God .
Aaron was of the tribe of Levi, which was the tribe of the worshipers. His mother, whose name means, Jehovah is her glory, was a descendent of Levi as well as her husband Amram (whose name means exalted people). Aaron also had an older sister named Mariam who offered to take care of Moses when the Princess found him floating down the river. Because Moses was the prince of Egypt and Aaron was a slave, there was more than likely a little jealousy between the two. This and the fact that not many people had any faith left in their God, made Aaron’s decision to trust God
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His failures were the most important thing to look at because even though he was a priest, it was his sins that kept him for the promised land. A verse to describe his life would be Isaiah 1:28 But rebels and sinners will both be broken, and those who forsake the Lord will perish. This is because Aaron's life is a representation of our walk with God, it shows us that no matter how many good things we do or how good we are, that one sin that everyone has will keep us from Heaven just like Aaron's lack of faith kept him from the land flowing with milk and honey. But what we must remember and what we must realize from Isaiah 1:28 is that when we are kept from Heaven we aren't just not allowed in, but we receive death instead, just like

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