Essay on Analyst Pursues Of Designing System Output

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1. List six objectives the analyst pursues in designing system output. Page 329
The six objectives that analyst should pursue while designing the system output is as follows:
• The output designed should serve the intended purpose.
• The output designed should fit the user.
• Appropriate quantity of output should be delivered.
• Always make sure that the output is in the required place.
• Provide the output on time.
• Choose the appropriate output method.

2. Contrast external outputs with internal outputs produced by the system. Remember to consider differences in external and internal users. Page 330

There are two ways to conceptualize the output i.e. either internal output or external output. External output can be described as the output that is going outside the business for instance the information that is available for public on web, is an external output whereas internal output is the information that stays within the business for instance the data available on intranet.
External output such as utility bills, annual reports, advertisements and other communications is used by the external users i.e. vendors, customers, suppliers and competitors whereas internal output includes detailed reports or short summary reports that used by the decision makers within the company. These decision makers are called as internal users.

3. What output type is best if frequent updates are a necessity? Page 332

Display screens is best in the case where frequent output is…

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