Analysis of the Crucifixion Essay example

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The Crucifixion, a painting created between 1465 and 1470, is one of many that gives the onlooker a view into what Northern painting style was like and how it was different from that of Southern painting style. It is not a regular rendition of the crucifixion because of its Northern origin which allows the onlooker to become more involved with the artwork through detail and composition. As one walks up to the painting situated on the museum wall one can see right away that this isn’t just another painting of the crucifixion. This crucifixion is set in contemporary time. Northern painters had a way of combining secular and religious elements into their paintings, something Southern painters wouldn’t do. This main aspect allows one to …show more content…
Something that wasn’t accomplished at the time by Southern painters. Southern painters, at the time, wanted to show the subject and ensure that it was geometrically sound. Theses ideals inhibited them from actually showing emotion in their paintings. They simply wanted something nice to look at. Northern painters wanted tons of emotion to show through in their paintings. The fact that the people are about as large as the horses in this painting and the faces of the individuals are quite huge compared to their bodies shows that this painter did not care about accuracy. His lack of accuracy displays even more so that this is a Northern painting. The large faces of the individuals allowed the painter to capture expressions that would have not been captured in regular sized faces. One can even see the expressions of the figures situated in the middle ground of the painting. One person in the middle ground seems to be pointing upward at Jesus on the cross while the person beside him seems very concerned. Another major aspect of this painting that allows the onlooker to feel something is the blood that is dripping from Jesus’s wounds. Southern painters did not portray any blood from any wounds. Northern painters, on the other hand, wanted to show this gore. They wanted onlookers to feel the pain that was more than likely a part of this moment in time. In this painting the blood drips not only from the torso of Jesus but also from various parts

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