Analysis of TV series Friends Essay

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Friends the TV series.
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May 3rd, 2013
By: Tayler C

Friends 1
TV is a very popular source of entertainment meaning allot of people are watching and absorbing everything that is being said and done. Mass media has a huge impact on the way people perceive certain people, situations, etc. especially when it is coming from a show loved by many. The TV series Friends premiered on September 22nd in 1994 and became an extremely successful sitcom that lasted 10 years ending in January of 2004. Friends is a sitcom that involved the lives of 6 friends that lived in New York City. Throughout the seasons the viewers were able to see each
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At this time Chandler and his wife Monica are trying to start a family. During the time of his unemployment he is very bitter about not having a job for several reasons. The main reason he is upset, is that he feels since he is the male he should have a job to support his family. The fact that Monica is working and he is not he feels that their roles are reversed. If anything he feels he should be out working paying the bills, bringing in the income while Monica stays at home and takes care of other tasks such as housecleaning and preparing dinners. Since they are trying to start a family he will be staying home with the children until he is able to find a job. Knowing that he will be the one staying home with the kids someday he expresses many times to his friends that he feels less of a man. He feels less masculine because he sees staying at home with children as a women’s job. Signorielli author of Children, television, and conceptions about chores claims that the way Chandler is reacting to his situation of being unemployed is reinforcing the traditional notion of gender roles. The traditional notion of gender roles being the male is to work and be the breadwinner of the family while the female stays at home with the children and does the housework and prepares meals for the family. The series Friends started in 1994 by this time the notion of traditional gender roles was in the past. It was

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