Analysis of Marketing Strategy of Lg Essay

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Analyis of the Marketing Strategy of LG
T his is a study to analyse the Marketing Strategy of LG, one of the most popular brands in Consumer Electronics, f ocusing specif ically on its Television Products. T his study f inds about the status of Consumer Electronic industry and its segmentation. T hen which part the industry the LG is targeting. Also some of the leading competitors of LG like Samsung and Sony were discussed. Further the study of f ers Porter’s 5-f orces and SWOT analysis. Finally a consumer survey was undertaken and based on its analysis and previous data some recommendations will be of f ered. Table of
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Later on it realized that it would be better to target the cream or skimmed group of the population by increasing the price and improving the quality. It realized that in upscale marketing, technology and brand are competitive means. T hus it repositioned its products to upscale the market. To Samsung, higher price increases its prof it and it will also imply good quality. 3. Technology innovation Samsung realized that digital is the f uture of the world and technology upgrades are essential to sustain in the competitive market. T hey switched their core competitive power f rom mass manuf acture to high-end product supplier which is based on digital technology. Samsung launched the industry design revolution to get rid of its image of imitator. It employed world’s top designers to expand, dif f erentiate and innovate its product.

Sony is a Japanese company and key players in consumer electronics especially television. T he brand f or

Sony’s television is BRAVIAT M. T he strategies of Sony Electronics are (Sony Electronics Inc., 2010): T he leader in product innovation. Sony has an ability to identif y imagination and enhance people’s lif e. T he company has been at the cutting edge of technology f or more than 50 years. Now, Sony develops its business with sales innovative products as well as Sony’s convergence strategy. For example, Sony has Hi-Scan f lat screen T V which can deliver near HDT V picture quality through Digital Reality Creation (DRC)

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