Analysis of Ground Rules Essay

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Analysis of Ground Rules
Celeste Green
November 30, 2014
Dr. Mari Hadley
Capella University

Successful team following the ground rules
I participated on a team that was established quickly to help 400 employees find new positions within the organization because their current positions were being eliminated. My role as part of the team as a Senior Recruiter was to provide training to the employees by helping them to create a resume, conduct a successful interview and teach them to search for a position within the company’s applicant tracking system. The other members of the team was Sara who also is a Senior Recruiter. We shared the same responsibilities except I had the lead role because
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It was established at the beginning we would not criticize or blame. If there was something we did not understand or agree with we wrote it down and openly discussed it at our weekly meetings. If there was an unexpected emergency situation came about we would call a special meeting to discuss how we should handle it. We would all take away action items that we needed to find the information or a solution for to share with each other at the next meeting and follow through with. We successfully helped over 300 of the 400 employees retain jobs within the organization and helped train almost all of the 400 employees on how to create resumes and conduct interviews even if they were leaving the company. The reason the team was successful and was a team I enjoyed being a part of because everyone took their roles very seriously, but we all partnered in sharing the tasks needed to be completed and we would share with each other every detailed involved in the project down to the smallest detail because what might seem small to us was not to the impacted employees or their current managers. We did not pass judgment on each other we valued the unique experience each of us brought to the team and the capitalized on the uniqueness and used it to excel the mission of the team. As an example because I previous held the position as

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