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(Start with hand clapping rhythm and tap the bass rhythm with foot from Unsquare Dance) Good afternoon everyone. I am Tom and today we will be looking at how great composers use fascinating rhythm. Let's take a look at two fantastic songs, The Beatles, Strawberry Fields Forever, and the other by Dave Brubeck, Unsquare Dance. In 1961 American Composer Dave Brubeck wrote a piece called Unsquare Dance. Unsquare Dance is a jazz piece in 7/4. The fact that it is in 7/4 is very strange, as this

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The long short rhythm confirms the syncopation.
Triplets can be found in both the piano and the drum lines; the first triplet is at bar 13, there are others in the piece, for example bar 15 has a triplet. These triplets create movement.
Repetition of phrases creates motivic repetition, in each instrument, with the exception of the drums. An example of this is the hand claps that continue throughout the entire song, as well as the bass line, which only alters for 12 bars starting at bar 31. The piano too repeats phrases. At bar 31 the phrase from bar 13 is repeated.
Acciaccaturas, also known as grace notes, are a common feature of this piece and can be found in the piano line, on numerous occasions, for example bars 13 and 17 have grace notes.
When looking for displaced accents it is not very hard to find them in this piece as they are in 22 of the 42 bars. These accents can be found between bars 13 and 42, excluding a couple of bars in between. The first displaced accent is at bar 13, in the piano line and is on the ‘five &', which is off the beat, therefore it is displaced. Displaced accents throw out the performer's sense of strong and weak beats, adding to the syncopated feel of the piece.
Juxtaposition is very prevalent in this piece. Juxtaposition is different rhythms being played at the same time. This is the reason the song is so interesting. There are four different rhythm patterns in
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