Gender Discrimination In The Workplace Essay

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The wage gap between a man and women is sexist and is some ways racist. Nobody should be discriminated against because of religion, gender or sexuality. Corporate America has underrepresented women, especially woman of color. Having woman work the same amount of work as a man and having them get paid less then what a man makes is sexist. A woman should not be discriminated against in the workplace especially when it involves how much she is getting paid. Based off an article on Harvard Business Review, a study in 2013 showed white and Asian people make more than blacks and Hispanics, regardless of their gender. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hispanic women make the least out of all gender and races while Asians had the highest …show more content…
According to the Equal Pay Act it requires both men and women to be given equal pay for equal work in the same establishment. It doesn’t depend on job positions; it is based off job performance. Both men and women need to have skills to do the job they are asked to do, put effort into the job they are doing, and have responsibility for whatever job they are doing. Having known this law has passed, some establishments still somehow punish the women working by paying them less. At times, women work a lot harder to just prove the men wrong and will still be met with the same sexist attitude. Diversity should be a top priority for every work environment, whether it is based off gender, sexuality, or religion. While most CEO’s are men, most claim they are committed to diversity but the workplace proves other wise. There are more white men who are employed than blacks and Hispanics. The unemployment rate has been at all time high for minorities. It has been proven that minority men and women work more to get paid less than white men and women. Despite CEO’s and employers to want the workplace to be of a more diverse place, the employment rate for minorities is relatively

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